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The Nazca Lines

Nazca Lines

The Nazca Lines is one of the greatest archeological mysteries of the world and is located in the Ica department and the Nazca Province. This enigmatic place that amazes the world is in the desert sands of Nazca where appears gigantic geometric and animal figures, highlighting the hummingbird, monkey, dog, condor, astronaut and many other. The existence of the Nazca Lines is attributed to the Nazca culture that developed in the V century AD, and their role was probably that of a large astronomical calendar that can only be appreciated in all its dimension from the air, overflying in a airplane.

This archaeological enigma of the desert was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1994.

  • Location: The Nazca Lines is in the Pampas of San Jose at 25 km from the Nazca city (15 min), and 425 km south of the capital Lima.
  • Extension: It has an approximate area of ​​350 km2
  • Altitude: 550 meters.
  • Climate: The climate is warm, dry and sunny throughout the year, with an annual temperature average of 23 ° C. In summer the temperature rises above 30 ° C (January-March), thats why Nazca is known as the “City of Eternal Summer”
  • Access: From Lima city following the Panamerican Highway takes 6 hours the bus ride until the arrival point Nazca city (460 km). The bus ride from Cusco to Abancay lasts approximately 11 hours (705 km). From Arequipa to Nazca the bus ride takes 9 hours. In all cases there are confortable bus companies with daily  scheduled departures.

The Nazca lines one of the greatest archaeological mysteries of the world, is located in  Ica department, Nazca province. Was declared as “Archaeological World Heritage Site” by UNESCO (1994).

Other Touristic Attractions in Nazca

Didactic Museum Antonini

Museum Didactico Antonini

Didactic Museum Antonini

Located in the city of Nazca. This museum houses an archaeological collection of the different stages of the Nazca culture. Among the collection there are; trophy heads, textiles, mummies, musical instruments etc. All these objects were found during excavations in the ceremonial center of Cahuachi.

Cemetery Chauchillas

Chauchilla, Nazca

Chauchilla, Nazca

Chauchilla Cemetery is located about 30 km from the city of Nazca. It is an ancient pre inca cemetery that belonged to the Huari culture and others to Nazca culture, that flourished in the area between the second century AC to the ninth century AC. In the cemetery are remains of ancient civilization and fragments of ceramics, textiles and mummies.

The mummies are in good condition and can be seen in their original graves, despite its antiquity and in many of the mummies is possible to see remains of hair and even some skin. The conservation has been made ​​possible in part thanks to the arid climate of the Nazca desert in which the cemetery is located.

The Cantalloc Acueducts

Cantalloc Aqueducts Nazca

Cantalloc Aqueducts Nazca

Located 5 km from the city of Nazca. It is an extensive network of reservoirs and underground channels made ​​of stone in a spiral shape, belonging to the Nazca culture (I-VI century AD). The aqueduct is a large sample of great wit and great hydraulic development of this ancient civilization. 

Los Paredones

Los Paredones Nazca

The Ruins Paredones Nazca

Located at km 01 on the road Nazca – Puquio at only 5 minutes from the city of Nazca. This archaeological site was probably an Inca administrative center and is composed of rooms, patios and terraces built with stone foundations and adobe walls.

Cahuachi Ceremonial Center

Cahuachi Ceremonial Center Nazca

Cahuachi Ceremonial Center Nazca

 Located 22 km (30min) to the northeast of the Nazca city. It is a set pyramids built-in adobe, belonging to the Nazca culture. Cahuachi was the political and religious capital of Nazca culture. The kings of this civilization organized the population from the Acari and Ica valleys to the construction of major works such as the famous Nazca Lines

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