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Top Tourist Attractions in Cusco

Top Tourist Attractions in Cusco

Cusco was the ancient capital of the Inca empire and is undoubtedly one of the most important destinations in Peru. Among its ancient streets you will find the remains of ancient Inca temples and palaces along with churches and colonial mansions. This ancient city was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1983 and receives visitors from all over the world to live and know its history through its outstanding Inca and Colonial architectural monuments.

Here we have a list of the most important attractions within the city and surroundings areas:

Qoricancha (Santo Domingo Church)

Qoricancha.jpg - 1

Santo Domingo Church (Qoricancha)

Located within the city of Cusco, the ancient temple of Coricancha was the most important sacred Inca temple where worshipped various gods especially the Inti (Sun). Its precincts finely carved in stone and perfectly joined, were once richly adorned with golden and silver plates and housed the embalmed bodies of the Inca kings dressed in their most precious jewels. With the arrival of the conquistadors, The Qoricancha was stripped of its wealth and some of its precincts were knocked down to build the colonial church of Santo Domingo. But it is still possible to admire its solid walls stony witnesses of a glorious past.

Cathedral of Cusco

Catedral - Cusco

Cathedral of Cusco

Located in the main Square of the city, is a jewel of colonial architecture and it was erected over ancient Inca palaces of the Kiswarcancha and the Suntur Wasi. The construction of the present church started in 1559 and lasted until 1669. In its interior keeps and impressionant artistic work which combine different icons of the Andean religiosity with the Christian religion. And a clear example is the painting of the last supper with Andean elements as the guinea pig (cuy) that appears on the table replacing the lamb. and many other more that decorate the walls of the Cathedral, all of them belong to the artistic current called now the cuzquenian school painted during the XVII and XVIII century, In addition there are beautiful altars gilded with gold and some of them with silver plates and there are beautiful religious images of saints and virgins elaborated by talented indigenous hands. That decorated the chapels of the church.

La Compañia De Jesus

Iglesia la Compañia

Iglesia la Compañia

The Church La Compañia de Jesus is located in the main square of Cusco and its first construction dates from 1571 but was rebuilt by second time between 1651 and 1675 by the Jesuits on the basis of Amarucancha building (Palace of Inca ruler Huayna Capac ). This beautiful church shows a beautiful Baroque façade exquisitely carved in stone, and in its interior keeps beautiful altarpieces gilded with gold and a valuable collection of colonial paintings of the Cusquenian School. Also from one of its windows you can have beautiful views of the main plaza of Cusco.

INCA Museum

Inca Museum

Inca Museum

A remarkable Colonial house built at the beginning of the XVII century, it belonged to the Spanish Admiral Francisco Alderete Maldonado. Hence it is popularly known as the Admiral’s House. The museum houses a vast collection of objects of the Pre-Inca, Inca and Colonial period. Among the valuable objects that exposes are textiles, ceramics, metallurgy, mummies, farming tools and musical instruments of the pre-columbian era. Besides the museum shows paintings and objects from the colonial and republican period.

Pre-Columbian Art Museum

Museo de Arte Pre-Colombino

Museo de Arte Pre-Colombino

The Pre-columbian Art Museum (MAP) is dedicated to the exhibition of archaeological artifacts, and examples of pre-columbian artworks from all regions of the Peruvian pre-columbian time. The museum is located in the Plaza Nazarenas of Cusco, and shows a permanent exhibition of 450 most representative artifacts.

Regional and historic Museum Casa Garcilaso

Casa Garcilazo Museum

Casa Garcilazo Museum

A beautiful colonial mansion belonging to the illustrious mestizo chronicler Inca Garcilaso de la Vega Chimpu Ocllo, born April 12,of 1539. Garcilazo was son of the Spanish Captain Garcilaso de la Vega Vargas and the Inca Princess Isabel Ñusta Chimpu Occlo. This famous writer was the author of two major works “The Royal Commentaries of the Inkas” and “Florida del Inca”.

The colonial house was built on Inca foundations and is an example of colonial architecture of renaissance style. Currently the colonial mansion is a museum that has 14 exhibition halls,with items ranging from the Pleistocene period, Precerámic, Inca. and Colonial time. In addition it houses in its interior samples of ceramic, metallic objects, colonial relics and a large sample of canvases of the Cusquenian School of the sixteenth century until the eighteenth century.

La Casa Concha Museum

The Casa Concha Museum

The Casa Concha Museum

The Casa Concha is an old and important colonial building of Cusco, and  was built on the former palace of the sovereign Inca Tupac Inca Yupanqui, son of Pachacútec. The colonial mansion belonged to the Marquez Diego Santiago de la Concha and Salvatierra and today houses the collection of pieces found in Machu Picchu by the explorer Hiram Bingham that were returned by the Yale University.

San Pedro Market

Mercado San Pedro

San Pedro Local Market

Located a few blocks from the Plaza de Armas of Cusco, is an unmissable destination for visitors who want a direct experience with the local people and their customs. San Pedro market offers a variety of local products such as fresh vegetables, fruits, meats, juices, breads, handicraft and many interesting things. A place where you can buy and enjoy local fruits like Chirimoya, lucuma and local breads called chutas.

San Blas Neighborhood

San blas neighbor

San Blas Neighboor

A traditional neighborhood near the main square of Cusco, San Blas is known as the artisans district and, through its narrow streets and colonial houses painted in white with blue balconies, you will find many art galleries with replicas of the colonial Cuzquenian painting school and religious imagery of world-renowned local artists.


Sacsayhuaman - 1

Sacsayhuaman Fortress

Located at 2 Kms from the city. It is the remains and foundations of a colossal Inca building built during the reign the sovereign inca Pachacutec in the 15th century. According to the colonial Chronicles was a temple dedicated to the Sun God, and in its construction more than 20,000 men worked to erect its walls with huge limestone blocks that weigh between 80 to 100 tons in addition to being perfectly assembled on each other.

Every June 24th is celebrated the Inti Raymi or Festival of the Sun, and in September the Warachicuy .. (Evidence of initiation of adulthood).


Qenqo - 1

Qenqo Ruins

Located at 3 km from the city. It was a sacred shrine of the Inca era, built around a rocky outcrop, in where the Incas carved stone altars for worshipping their gods with religious and magical ceremonies.

Puca Pucara

Puca pucara - 1

Puca Pucara Ruins

At 7 km of the Cusco city. Puca Pucara was an important administrative center to control the entry to Tambomachay’s Shrine and the Inca trail to the Sacred valley.Its name means red fortress in the Quechua local languaje, and it is composed of buildings,granaries and religious areas.its location provides and spectacular views over the Cusco valley..



Tambomachay Ruins

At 8 Km from the city, the water fountains of Tambomachay have played an important religious function linked to water and the regeneration of life during the Inca period. The walls of polygonal style perfectly together and decorated with trapezoidal openings present to us its important role in the Andean religiosity.

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