Visas and health


Citizens of most Latin American countries, Western Europe, Asia, North America, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa are not required to enter Peru. However, the respective updated passport is required. The citizens of Bolivia, Ecuador and Chile do not need a passport or visa to visit certain regions of Peru.

If the purpose of your visit is tourism, the maximum length of the stay will be 90 days (you can request extensions with the immigration authority)

To obtain a tourist visa, you need a valid passport, two color photos, an application form, an air ticket to leave Peru, an economic solvency test and pay a certain cost. For more information, contact the Peruvian diplomatic representative in your country for more information. Addresses and telephone numbers are included on the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Peru:


It is always necessary to take some precautions before visiting a new country due to the change of environment and diet that may entail some changes in our body. The information below are some tips you should keep in mind.

  • Vaccines: There are no vaccines currently mandatory for Peru. However, you should consider some to prevent: Polio, Typhoid, Tetanus, Hepatitis A. If you have planned to visit the Amazon rainforest (Puerto Maldonado, Manu, Iquitos), a yellow fever vaccine and pills against malaria are recommended.
  • Feeding: The change in diet may cause some stomach problems such as diarrhea that are common, to prevent them we recommend: Avoid eating food sold in the street and eat well cooked food. As for drinks, it is recommended to drink bottled water. Drinking water from rivers or pipes is not recommended.

Mal Of Height (Soroche)

In some places of Peru located from 3000 meters high like Cusco and Puno it is usual to feel the lack of oxygen and agitation when walking, sometimes it brings a headache, nausea and lack of appetite, etc. It is the evil of Height known also as Soroche usually lasts the first days while the body adapts. To avoid a bit of symptoms when arriving in Cusco, it is recommended to rest and avoid extreme walks during the first hours, and to drink plenty of liquid, coca tea helps a lot and you can find it in your lodging, it is also recommended to avoid eating heavy foods, Alcoholic drinks and smoking the first hours. There are also medications that help counteract symptoms like Diamox, Soroche pills, which you can find at local pharmacies.

  • According to Peruvian laws, the extraction, transportation, commercialization of any species of flora and fauna alive or dead is prohibited and extends to any object made with its parts, without prior authorization from INRENA.
  • It is prohibited and sanctioned to market and export original pieces of the National Cultural Heritage.
  • The transportation and marketing of any type of drug is prohibited.
  • It is prohibited to photograph airports, military bases, places near high voltage towers and police stations. In some churches, cathedrals and museums it is forbidden to take photographs or make films.