How to get to Peru

By air : The main entrance to the Peru , is the Jorge Chavez international airport located in the constitutional province of Callao at 30 minutes from downtown Lima, and from here can you board other flights to the different regions of Peru.

By land : Peru limits with five South American countries,so there are different borders to get to Peru:

  • Tacna , between Peru and Chile.
  • Desaguadero and Copacabana with Bolivia .
  • Tumbes with Ecuador
  • Puerto Maldonado with Brazil .

To make national and international calls, you can find telephone booths at an affordable price and there are booths on the streets where coins and cards are used.

To do any domestic call or from abroad, you should know some important codes

The International Code is (00) from any country, except EE: UU and Canada that is (011).

  • Country code (Peru) 51
  • The city Code. has 1-2 digits.
  • The phone number is 6 to 7 digits.

To call Peru from other countries:

  • Calls to telephones: international code + 51 + city code + telephone number
  • Calls to Mobile Phones or Cell: international code + 51 + 9 + mobile phone number

For calls within Peru:

  • Calls to telephones: Zero + city code + telephone number
  • Calls to Mobile or cell phone: Dial 9 + number
Internet Access

Internet access is available in the most hotels, and some restaurants offers free internet via Wi-fi. Also it can be found in some public internet booths , where the prices are very modest.