How to get to Cusco?

To get to Cusco city, you have to bear in mind the type of transport to get to Peru country. The traditional way is by flight.

By flight: To get to Peru the main arrival point for international flights is the Jorge Chavez International Airport in the city of Lima (capital of Peru), and from Lima , there are regular flights to Cusco city.

Direct flights to Peru
  • From New York, Atlanta, Miami, Houston, Los Angeles and Toronto
  • From Madrid and Amsterdam
  • From Latin America cities such as Mexico, San Jose, Costa Rica, Panama, Caracas, Bogota, Quito, Guayaquil, Buenos Aires, Santiago, Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and La Paz
Flights to Cusco

From Lima airport Jorge Chavez (LIM) there are regular flights to Cusco (CUZ) and the flight time is approximately 1 hour. There are also flights from the city of Arequipa. In addition an international flight from La Paz Bolivia.

The flight companies are LAN, Avianca Taca, Star Peru, Peruvian Airline, that daily operate with scheduled flights to Cusco city.

The Cusco airport is: Alejandro Velasco Astete.

By land to Cusco City

Route: Lima – Arequipa – Cusco

  • Distance: 1494 km
  • Journey time: 24 hours

Route: Lima – Nazca – Abancay – Cusco

  • Distance: 1136 km
  • Journey time: 20 hours

Route: Copacabana (Bolivia) – Puno – Cusco

  • Distance: 514 km
  • Journey time: 11 hours.

Route: Rio Branco (Brasil) – Puerto Maldonado – Cusco

  • Distance: 766 km
  • Journey time: 14 hours.

Route: Arica (Chile)- Tacna – Puno – Cusco

  • Distance: 766 km
  • Journey time: 14 hours.
Bus Companies and Schedules
Departure Time
Arrived Time
Kind of Service
Lima – Cusco Cruz del Sur 14:00 11:00 Cruzero suite
17:30 15:00 Cruzero suite
Oltursa 14:30 12:15 Vip Service
Tepsa 12:00 Bed Seat
17:15 Bed Seat
Arequipa – Cusco Cruz del Sur 08:00 06:00 Cruzero suite
08:30 06:30 Cruzero suite
Oltursa 08:00 06:15 Vip Service
Tepsa 08:30 06:30 Bed Seat
Puno – Cusco Transzela 08:00 15:00 Vip Service
22:00 05:00 Vip Service
Puerto Maldonado Cusco Tepsa 21:00 Bed Seat
By train

The only train service is the touristic Andean Explorer train, from Puno to Cusco with programmed departures.

PUNO – CUSCO 08:00 hs 18:000 hs
CUSCO – PUNO 08:00 hs 18:000 hs