Weather and Geography in Cusco

The geography of the Cusco Department is varied and its relief presents high mountains, Andean plateaus, and streams that descend to fertile valleys crossed by rivers that are directed toward the Amazon. Among its most important rivers are the Urubamba, Apurimac and the Paucartambo. The Cusco climate is relatively mild and the annual average temperature fluctuates between 10.3 ° C and 13° C. But it has 2 well defined seasons and they are:

Rainy season (from November to March)

During this period the temperature is pleasant during the day and night, however the first two begins with occasional rains, increasing the rain in the January and February month with heavy precipitation, then gradually descend towards the month of March, the temperatures can reach a maximum of 17 ° C and a minimum of 7 ° C approximately.

Dry season (from April to October)

During this period the temperature, begins to drop but the days are sunny the most of the time, for the months of June, July and August the temperature drops drastically in the mornings and nights reaching O ° C, but during the day is sunny and dry, and reaches temperatures of 20 ° C annual average. And it is the best time to visit Cusco.