Perhaps the next point in their adventures will point to Cusco. And it’s great that you visit the ancient capital of the Inca empire. After all, the best adventures are those in lands with a lot of history and culture. But it is important to keep in mind some tips for your trip to Cusco that will help you enjoy your vacation without any inconveniences.

Cusco travel tips No.1: the best travel season.

Cusco receives thousands of travelers every year, all of them with the purpose of knowing Machu Picchu, traveling the sacred valley either in tourist packages or buying private tours. But, something very important to keep in mind is the ideal dates to enjoy the trip. No one wants to make a trip and have the whole day raining on them, right? And with the torrential rains in Cusco imagine your adventures postponed or what could be worse, closed for safety reasons.

The dry season months between April and November, with clear skies, sunny days and low rainfall, are ideal for visiting Cusco. On the other hand, the rainiest months are between December and February and it is not recommended to make trips to Cusco.

Cusco travel tips No.2: Cusco is close to the clouds.

inca trail machu picchu

Literally Cusco is close to the clouds and the stars! Cusco offers a spectacular sky almost every day and I would almost say that the sun shines here for 300 days a year, even in the rainy season it is visible and warms you up.

Cusco is at 3400 m.a.s.l., which is difficult to adapt for foreign travelers and the well known evil that should be taken into account is altitude sickness, which can be a problem for you if you reach high altitudes directly without first preparing and acclimatizing your body because acclimatization needs a little more than just a couple of days! But even if you do, the Sacred Valley is only an hour away and more than 500 meters below and it is highly recommended to take tours and take advantage of acclimatizing your body without losing days of travel.

It is very necessary and recommended to acclimatize the body for a couple of days before starting adventures of several days.

But the most beautiful side of living at such heights is observing the night sky: the Incas already observed the movements of the stars and saw the mythical celestial creatures in the Milky Way. One of the most beautiful experiences is to observe the stars during the walks as the Inca road.

Travel Tips Cusco No.3: In Cusco you can experience unique festivals.

Consejos para el viaje por Cusco -tips for your trip to Cusco

Do you want to know more about the current Cusco culture? Visit Cusco and enjoy its cultural, patronal and religious festivities. It is highly recommended to travel to Cusco during the month of June, the month of festivities in the city. You will observe almost every day very colorful typical dances in scenes of the central square and totally free, one of the most beautiful experiences that you can live in Cusco.

There is always reason to celebrate! After all, Peru is the country that celebrates the day of the baked chicken on the third Sunday of July.

But not only these modern festivals are celebrated in Cusco as they fall, they are also historically documented as the festival of the summer solstice Inti Raymi or the Inca initiation festival Warachicuy, rituals for the Pachamama or the Santuranticuy of Christmas!

The traditional costumes and dances are not only presented in dance shows, but are a living cultural asset that can be seen in every celebration. Not only in the months of June/July when Cusco celebrates itself, but also in all religious ceremonies dance and music are part of the festivities.

Last but not least, Cusco is also known for its extensive nightlife and every night here is full of live bands, happy hour and parties until the early hours!

tips for your trip to Cusco No.4: experiential tourism and volunteer projects.

Have I slowly awakened your interest in staying longer? Then you might also be interested in this: Cusco offers a wide range of offers for all those who want to combine a tourist trip with experiential and mystical tourism such as ayahuasca retreats. An unforgettable experience together with very friendly people who will gladly receive you in family homes.

In Cusco there are countless volunteer organizations that offer internships in different areas, whether it is in kindergarten or school projects, development support or environmental protection, in Cusco you will find what you need.

Would you like to get out of the European way of thinking and learn more about how the descendants of the Incas live in the countryside today? In the Sacred Valley there are several self-managed projects of the Quechua population that offer you several days of stay away from the stressful life. This is one of the best options if you want to learn more about the real Cusco culture.

With these few, but important tips for your Cusco trip, you will have a nice experience without many inconveniences in Inca lands, you will know more about Peruvian culture, you will travel to Machu Picchu by train and there will be a nice experience to tell your family and friends about your adventures.